Family traditions

Family traditions

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

big words from a little mouth

I don't know what i said this morning but i remember that big sister said,
Mom that's fun,
that's really funny
that's really really funny
Mom you are EXTREMELY funny!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

lost child

so big sister was great last year after school about asking if she could go somewhere so very rarely did i "lose" her at school while i was working.
little brother however is very slowly learning that I need to know where he is. so again today i was telling him why he needs to tell me where he's going, threatening to make him stay in my room if he doesn't tell me where he's going etc etc...
to which he told me
"mom you should just get me a few packets of that sticky paper (post-it notes) and i'll leave you a trail to follow so you can find me"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Student of the day

For the first few weeks of kindergarten, we spotlight a student each day. we ask them questions today the student of the day was asked what he was afraid of, at first he said nothing then he thought for a minute
then said "actually I'm afraid of outer space, because there are black holes in outer space and if you get sucked into one of those you can't get out. "

endless cycle

what to do! the presidents are grouchy all day, so early bed time right that should do the trick but NO it doesn't then big sister gets up earlier in the morning and is grouchy all day so what let them stay up so that they sleep in. how do you force a 5 year old to sleep in, or to be happy, YOU CAN'T they are five. if anyone knows the secret let me know!