Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, March 31, 2008

in like a lamb...

well this lovely month of march started out okay but didn't stay that way for too long. i'm not really sure how to write this but mostly it's a farewell to a month that i would have like to skipped but i also realize that if i miss this month i also leave out a lot of lessons learned. i would like to turn back the clock and have my best friend here in idaho with me but she as moved on to bigger and better things and because it i feel that i've been inducted in to this exclusive club of people who have had death in their life. it's hard to explain that feeling but it's very real. i've endured the dentist, the flu, mourning, the flu, the blessing and sometimes challenge of helping many friends. yes it's been quite a month. i'm sure i could say more but i would like to just say GOOD BYE, and pray that april is..... well.....
a little less intense.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

and another one

this is getting a little weird to me most times i don't remember my dreams and definably not so vividly but here goes last nights episode

*the dream stared out with neil and i's wedding not our real wedding but we were getting married never the less. next it was niels little brothers turn. he just recently got engaged and they have set the date for june 7th i'm so super excited for them both. anyhow back to the dream we are at an outside wedding inside a big blue tarp (again this is so not the real thing) a close friend to the bride and groom is officiating. i didn't catch his name but he was tall with dark curly hair. and he was hilarious. he begins the ceremony in spanish explaining what he learned about marriage in 5th grade health lesson. the bride ended up on an exam table and the friend was saying something about he belly button unfortunately my spanish isn't that great even in my dreams and i was at a wedding so i didn't want to ask neil right then what he was saying. but everyone laughed and they moved on.
things went back to english stories of missions were shared, they gave a dance lesson, the bride shared some of their dating experiences. at one point i thought she was going to give the groom a root canal. the dream ended with the friend saying okay lets get to what we came here for...

that's it i can't wait for the reception!!! dreams are so fun. had i known weddings could be done like this i may have talked to neil a year ago to see what we could cook up. lol oh by the way hailey you looked beautiful!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

analyze this

dreams always leave me in a stupor
take last night's episode for example

*i took little missy to the dentist or so i thought but turns out they couldn't do anything for her so they kicked me out. this is where i loose my kids i'm not sure where they went(at a later time they are at home so maybe my prince met me at the dentist's office to take them home, this has happened before) but i ended up in the lobby of the dental office or so i thought but as i looked around i realized i was in restaurant/bar something similar to apple bees or red robin but a little more classy. i was all alone but only for a while. soon i met four friends Shannon, Kyla, Bree and the forth i can't recall i've been trying all day. if you want me to i could describe their physical features. well we sat and chatted i think we ordered a plate of nachos it was great how they just took we in.
when we got up to leave they invited me to go up to their apartment, i told them not today but i would see them around i had to find my way home, i was sure my husband and kids were wondering where i was. so they went to an upstairs apartment and at one point i learned that the girls whose name i can't remember was struggling to make it. i'm not sure what that meant i think it was money but it's kind of a blur.
i walked outside into the street i knew i was in utah, but it looked like a street that one would see in CSI NY or law and order SUV. a run down street in new york where scary things happen. i walked along quickly wondering what i was going to do how i was going to get home. i saw a bus ahead but when i stopped to look inside i got the impression that it was actually some ones home. the driver asked if i wanted a ride i passed, truthfully the guy gave me the creeps so kept walking but the road was coming to an end i turned to the right through a small passage way i was out side of the city walking among trees there was high school foot ball practice to my right and hundreds of suburban homes stretched out in front of me. i stopped to ask someone how i would get to idaho. they told me to take the bus. as the bus passed behind me. that one i asked pointing the home on wheels i had passed by earlier. the family in front of me said yep that's the one it should be back in a few hours to take me to the airport or to catch a grey hound.
Thanks i said as i kept walking it looked a lot like rio rancho new mexico but i knew i was in utah and it wasn't until that moment that i remembered i have a best friend right here in this state i was sure not too far away who would come to help me. i found a mileage sign and flipped open my phone....

that's the end it was one of those that i wanted so bad to finish but it was no use the kids were awake and the rest well it's untold for now.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


to honor the king of rhyme

i thought i'd take a little time
to express my gratitude with grace
and fill up this little space

happy birthday to the king
the one who brought us that thing
and the thing number two
to show us- what is fun to do
the cat in the hat
and sam i am
the lorax
and the who's

for the grinch

and the sneeds

the sniches

and their stars

for the Wocket

in the pocket

the Zower

in the shower

Oh the things you can think

In a people house

Oh the places you'll go

in a house with a mouse

i know my rhyme is simple
but that's okay
i'll go play with my kwimple
Happy Birthday anyway!!!