Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, November 22, 2009

medicine cabinet

Sunday, November 15, 2009


because i've had some free time

oh wait i haven't had time and yet i still have this problem

I just can't get enough

9-talking on the phone
6-a good book
5- facebook
4- rubix cube
1-photo editing

Monday, November 9, 2009

mr. mom

I came home today after a super hard day at work to a clean house and then the love of my life made dinner. when i commented on how great it was he said he was just trying to get use to being unemployed (because in two week the place where he works is closing).
i said i think i could get use to this.
he said, "well we'll need to buy more hot dogs and buns if you want me to make dinner every night"
and i asked how many job applications he filled out today.

bubble bath

this morning i told little brother he had to take a bath and wash his hair,
because he was starting to smell like a dog.

he said "No, no i don't"
the love of my life said "It could be a bubble bath"
to which little brother replied "Ooooooo, or a bubble shower"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

not too much?

so i think my funniness has been on vacation. i mean i'm still laughing at myself everyday but i just don't feel like my normal freak'n hilarious self. now don't feel bad or even worried. i'm sure it's just a phase.

so i'm trying to think of what could be causing my lack of humor and i've pretty much narrowed it down to this small list...

never mind i don't like that list i think i'll write a list of the things that might help ease my mind and help me relax

  1. a trip to the spa (i will probably settle for a self-pedicure by satin hands, thank you marykaye)
  2. a visit to the hot springs (a bubble bath would work i guess)
  3. a nanny , really just to fold laundry and pick up toys, i can handle the playing, story time, giggles, tickles, and games
  4. a chef, nothing fancy just someone to cook for me every night so i have more time to play with the presidents
  5. a maid, this would be so the nanny wouldn't have to do dishes
  6. a little elf to visit my classroom every night and put things away that i didn't quite get to, which is pretty much everything.
  7. a little elf whose good at organizing to visit my classroom regularly, so that when i need something in my classroom it's in a nice, neat, easy to find spot.
  8. a personal jet, this is not personal at all, completely selfless, i just want it so that when anyone is having a bad day i can hop in my jet fly to where they are give a hug, have some ice cream, chat for a few hours and still be home at a decent hour. -i told you it was selfless.
  9. a personal trainer (not really then i'd actually have to be accountable)
  10. a big bowl of ice cream which i would eat after my personal trainer walked out the door (hehe- accountable)
i'm not asking too much to bring a little more joy to the my readers

what do you think?

crazy kids vx. crazy cat

tuesday night we had the sister missionaries over for dinner. we had put the cat in the
basement while we ate because he thinks he's a dog. he'll beg for food at the table but unlike a dog. he'll do that while he's on the table. anyhow we didn't want to deal with this, so to the basement. in the middle of dinner one of the presidents let the cat out, by accident i'm sure.
so that cat comes to the table and big sister grabs him and holds him in her very
loving way that makes me glad i'm not a cat. she says she's just loving it, i tell her she's going to love him to death. she reminds me of Elmyra from the tiny toons.
so then she says "when i bite the cat he bites me back. when i hit the cat he bits me too."
of course little brother agrees that that is a true statement.

the whole time i 'm thinking poor poor kitty

Sunday, November 1, 2009

poor little monkey

One little monkey jumping on the bed, he fell off and bumped his head
day one

day three

day seven

day ten