Family traditions

Family traditions

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

super cool find

the caribou county fair is this week!! good times

this is what i found

take a look

anyone who remembers my baby brother when he was a baby will love this pic

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big sister says...

"when i grow up i'm going to go to my little brothers house and tickle him!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I really HATE hearing people call themselves FAT!!!
It's not like we can all be disney princesses!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

covet not

for as long as i can remember i have wanted to be a young woman's leader. they are so cool. they get to work with awesome girls and have fun every Wednesday night. it's a awesome job, that forever i have wanted. until about four months ago. then it was the last place i wanted to be for several reasons. i still think it's the coolest calling.then girls camp which was awesome but i have excepted that i'm not going to be in young woman's.

today i was put in young woman's

covet not

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i can't remember

i knew i should have wrote it down when i woke up. all i really remember is that there were mermen, a mountain lake, angry humans with big trucks that ripped through the forest, romance, sacrifice, running, trees, drama, blood, tears, swimming, more romance. it was a great dream!

strange happenings

Last night i have a very strange dream!! the strangest part was that i wasn't in my dream! i was the story teller. watching it all unfold! i was thinking of writing about it here but decided that maybe i'll write is in short story form. if i can remember it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love girls camp

So two weeks before girls camp I was called to be the director. (The previous director moved at the end of May). I was way excited for the opportunity seeing how I love girls camp!! LOVE IT! And I was also way excited that I was able to put my own twist on what was all ready planned.

So here is My Top Ten list (please do not compare to Janelle’s list it just wouldn’t be right)

1.Saying good-bye- not to the girls but to big sister and handsome, they didn’t even flinch as I gave big hugs good bye on Tuesday morning, I was almost in tears but I sucked it up and they really did have great week hanging out with dad!

2. Mosquitoes-I evidently didn’t eat enough garlic before leaving town because regardless of the insane amount of bug spray that drenched all of our clothing not one of us was immune to the blood suckers.

3. Singing- I was told in the past that there really wasn’t a lot of singing at girls camp, so I worked to put an end to that and the girls loved it. Georgie, boom chicka boom, Lemie and many many more.

4. Being in charge- anyone who knows me knows that I like to put my ideas out there and it’s even better when they come to light

5. Hiking- because there were only 6 girls who needed to hike we decided it would be better to go on one hike all together. So we hiked to Heart Lake. By the end of the hike our bishop had been given the endearing nick name of the hiking Hitler.

6. Freezing nights- literally it froze everything from the water to the dish soap!! And because of a good friend (Wendy) I had a sleeping bag. It was a lot colder in the Idaho Mountains then in the California Mountains.

7. Swimming- we went swimming at Alturas lake I floated out in the lake on my little floating raft, while laying back and relaxing the wind picked up and waves were crashing over the top of the raft. I eventually made it back to the shore but not until falling off of my little raft and fighting the crazy white caps!!

8. Last meal-after three days of okay meals for camping and not really enough food to fill a tummy, we woke up the morning before we left expecting to eat muffins and apples and were given a feast of pancakes, and potatoes!! So yummy!!!

9. Nightly devotionals, and personal scripture study-these were new to Shoshone’s girls camp but really amazing to see the girls reading, learning, and sharing what they had found.

10. The girls- 13 amazing girls who reminded me that girls camp is amazing, friendships can continue to grow, never give up, move forward in faith, and we can do anything with the help of the Lord.

I’m certain I left something out but well that’s 10!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

wanted to blog

i was hoping to blog today before i left for girls camp but well it's not going to happen. i wanted to say how grateful i am for all that i have been given, my family and friends. but i'll have to do that when i get home!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

blogging is good for your health!!

it's true i read it in a magazine!!!
anyhow i've been meaning to write for days but i've been traveling the western USA which isn't much, planning girls camp and getting ready for summer school. oh yes and completely absorbed in stephanie meyer's book "The Host".
I thought it was Summer VACATION! i guess it is it's all the things i don't get to do while i'm at work very day!