Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, May 29, 2008

schools out...

and not a minate too soon. in fact yesterday i was thinking it was about 3 weeks late. i just finished what i think is my best year. great class of super smart kids who were excited to learn and worked super hard. so here's to summer and being a mom which is a tougher job then kindergarten ever was.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

i miss her

two months ago today was the last day that i got to spend with michelle. i'm not sure why tonight i'm having all of these feelings and tears lots of tears. i'm better now i'm moving on. i miss her like crazy. the last day we spent together was awesome. we went to a time out for sisters thing. i wasn't going to go but she told me she wouldn't take no for an answer. we had a blast. we sat in the back rows laughed a lot, we didn't cry too much i'm glad for that, we talked about everything that day, our kids, husbands, future, past, life, sadness, a lot of laughter and joy. i miss her so bad. here is a few things that come to mind when i think of michelle

1. she always could make me see the bright side of life. though so much junk that we have to put up with everyday she could always see the good.
2. she tells the truth, no matter when you wanted to hear it or not she would let me know!!
3. she is a real person, when i say real i mean genuine totally herself no matter what.
4. she loves everyone, judges no one
5. michelle interrogated the love of my life for me
6. she helped me pick out my wedding dress,
7. she makes me feel beautiful even on my ugly days
8. she's an amazing mother, i want to be like her, her kids are so important to her, she loved to just play with them, get dirty, make a snack, dance, sing, teach, wow is all i can say about it
9. she has an amazing testimony of where she came from, who she is and where she's going
10. no task was too big for her.
11. she was madly in love with her husband
12. she was never too busy or too sick to be a friend
13. she loves me

I think i could go on all night but i better go to sleep now that the tears have subsided for a moment.
I love you Michelle!

class pictures

it's not fair being a kindergarten teacher when it comes to class picture how can i compete i am a giant towering over 17 super cute kids. it doesn't matter what i do i will never look thin in this setting. such is life. the kids all look great!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

waiting for answers

okay so i went to the doctor today even thought i felt like a dork walking in totally healthy anyhow we started the testing process. i told the wonderful nurse that if it was a panic attack it might happen again when they take my blood. lol. i was fine just not a big fan of giant needles. i will get results tomorrow. Yeah it's kinda fun to stump the doctor but not really. hopefully we'll figure it out.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

what's wrong with me

so about two weeks ago i was sick for like 4 days straight. but i'm better now Friday i had a headache that started about 10 in the morning subsided for a few hours then about 4:00 i fell asleep and woke up not able to stand for more than a few moments my head was aching and my body was weak. when i finally fell back to sleep i didn't awake till 10:30 at night. and even then i was a little shaky.
yuck yuck yuck
so some of you may be thinking this woman is insane and i haven't even got to the best part.
yesterday saturday big sister and i were on our way out for some quality girl time on our way i started having some serious abdominal pain. so we stopped first by the dollar store we walked back to the ladies room. within two minutes of getting out of my car i was on the floor in the ladies room. i had strange tingling sensations running through my whole body. my arms my legs, my face, my tongue my whole body. i was in a cold sweat, not really breathing, crying and in a lot of pain.
kudos to big sisters who was like mom when are we going shopping. love her gotta love her but she handed me my phone and i called the love of my life. i was trying to decided if i should call him or 911. it was a little scary. by the time he got to where i was about 15 minutes i was better well enough to drive home but still pretty shook up.
i'm better now but i'm sure i should go to the doctor and ask her what she thinks about the whole thing.
grrr sometimes i feel like such a drama queen.