Family traditions

Family traditions

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


we've all heard the old edict "choose your battles" my biggest battle is within trying to figure out which ones are worth fighting. i consider myself a very patient person truly i teach five year old all day and then come home to my own two toddlers, and until recently it was without the support of a loving husband. who on a side note really helps me to balance something out.
i figured out a long while ago that Tuesdays are the hardest day for my children. i've tested, tried, recorded, and analyzed its' true tuesdays are the hardest. it's all based on the different schedule from the weekend, the lack of sleep what not, mondays aren't bad they are tired but nothing like tuesday. and of course they're mom deprived.

today my babysitter brought my children to school after the students had left which though at times is a little inconvenient turned out today to work out just fine.
-the first decision was whether or not to be frustrated that they just help themselves to anything in my classroom. in this case the cup of milky ways (my favorite) that my secret santa had given me today. yeah not worth it. i just said "k next time you need to ask. Thanks"
while putting together presents for my students my two year old son who is quickly learning that opening presents is one of the coolest things ever opens the gift that a student gave me this morning. Thanks not worth a war
-children destroy another teachers play area and are not willing to help clean it up. this little battle didn't last long and i won!
-the post office...mailing a package... enough said
my pre-teen 4 year old wanted to eat everything in the house i told her she needed to wait for dinner and she screamed at me.
-brother danced on the table
-my pre-teen 4 year old called me a not so nice word in spanish. what do you do when your children swear at you?
-brother danced on the table
-sister hit her brother
-brother danced in the table
-sister threw food on the floor
-sister pounds on the bedroom door when she's mad
now i'm pretty sure that ya'll are thinking i need help from Nanny 911 or how could i call myself a mother if this is how my children act. but now as i write it all down it's not as bad as i thought it was in the mo
and in my defence it's Tuesday.
we're making cookies now and watching scooby-doo

i have the best children in the world.

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Unknown said...

how funny. With kids, if it's not one thing, it's another... you're a good Mom, of course. SO am I, even though my 18 month old quite often has a dirty face and my 5 year old still doesn't know how to say no to her friends...

we do our best, and as long as we're trying, that's what's important. :) I think that Mondays might be our hardest. That's when I do our week's grocery shopping. Ugh.