Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, May 3, 2008

what's wrong with me

so about two weeks ago i was sick for like 4 days straight. but i'm better now Friday i had a headache that started about 10 in the morning subsided for a few hours then about 4:00 i fell asleep and woke up not able to stand for more than a few moments my head was aching and my body was weak. when i finally fell back to sleep i didn't awake till 10:30 at night. and even then i was a little shaky.
yuck yuck yuck
so some of you may be thinking this woman is insane and i haven't even got to the best part.
yesterday saturday big sister and i were on our way out for some quality girl time on our way i started having some serious abdominal pain. so we stopped first by the dollar store we walked back to the ladies room. within two minutes of getting out of my car i was on the floor in the ladies room. i had strange tingling sensations running through my whole body. my arms my legs, my face, my tongue my whole body. i was in a cold sweat, not really breathing, crying and in a lot of pain.
kudos to big sisters who was like mom when are we going shopping. love her gotta love her but she handed me my phone and i called the love of my life. i was trying to decided if i should call him or 911. it was a little scary. by the time he got to where i was about 15 minutes i was better well enough to drive home but still pretty shook up.
i'm better now but i'm sure i should go to the doctor and ask her what she thinks about the whole thing.
grrr sometimes i feel like such a drama queen.

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Tara said...

Oh my! You DEFINITELY need to go to your Doctor sweetie! That's scary!!! Keep me posted! You're in my prayers!