Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, October 27, 2008

Report Cards

I have mentioned before that my current kindergarten class is the most unique i've had in all my years of teaching. okay this is only my 6th year but in that year i've taught over 250 students it adds up fast!! anyhow the time has come to fill out the lovely report card. most teachers put grades into the computer all quarter then the report cards come out pretty and clean and not a lot of work for a teacher who keeps on top of their grading. this is not the story in kindergarten well maybe some magical kindergarten world that i can't even imagine but in my kindergarten reality report cards consist of approximately one hour of testing per child, deciphering the testing, filling in hundreds of little boxes for each child to tell the parents what letters the student knows. numbers, phonic awareness, participation, personal hygiene and so much more.

well we've finished the testing

now i get to test my own patience as i fill in the boxes!!

i love kindergarten!!

2 other thoughts:

Unknown said...

holy cow. I could never, ever, ever be a kindergarten teacher. Props to you.

Sarah McM said...

Personal hygiene?!?!? I'm glad I never got graded on that.