Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, May 4, 2009

hello again

where have i been? i know you are all wondering that. i hope no one has lost sleep really that was not my intent. i've been slacking when it comes to blogging, i know, i know, please forgive me.
well because all of you are baffled by the fact that i
haven't blogged in nearly a month i'll give you a run down.
here are seven things of the many things
i've done since the last time i blogged. i know your all so excited...

  1. we took family pictures hehe well not really we wanted to we started out on that mission then our photographer got sick so we messed around with the camera ourselves.
  2. we put on offer on a house
  3. i made freezer jam
  4. i went to IEA delegate assembly and did a little damage to my bank account and hung out in boise for the weekend.
  5. we got to see grandma and grandpa on thier way back to montana
  6. we celebrated Easter
  7. i really have just had a great time being a mom! it's so much fun

so there's my list i know so exciting
it's been keeping me busy. there's more fun stuff but well i'm already going to be late for work.

2 other thoughts:

Jenny said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging! Your seven reasons were pretty good, so I guess we'll let your slacking slide just this once. By the way, I made my first batch of freezer jam a few months ago and it's already gone. (And Troy wasn't the one who was eating it)

Tara said...

What fun! I'm glad you're loving being a really is the best, isn't it??!! :) An offer on a house?! WOW! So exciting...I need details! Where is it, etc.?? :) Keep me posted!