Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, June 4, 2009

first day of summer

(this is my new house)
yesterday was officially my first day of summer vacation! and what a day. the love of my life said i over did it for the first day now what will i do the rest of vacation but i'm sure i'll find things to fill my days. i'm taking inspiration from "Phineas and Ferb" and making everyday a good day.

so what did i do i'm first day? we woke up early turned on some tunes and DANCED yep DANCED!! if i was in charge of the world i'd DANCE for at least and hour everyday! after that the presidents and i got ready for the day and went to visit grandma bebbi! we visited for a while borrowed the truck come home and loaded it full of branches from the trees in the back yard that i've been religiously tending to. we made 2 trips to the dump then took the truck back. we came home put on our swimming suits and went to the pool. talk about fun. big sister can touch in the three feet now so that relieves a little stress and little brother has no fear so that adds a little stress but it's fun! after a little swim time we came home de-cluttered a few spots in the house, moved some furniture and made dinner. about this time i was getting a little soar. my day had been at least 10 times more active then even a few weeks ago. we ate dinner then went for an evening walk!

what a great day! I just hope to continue to have great days all summer!

i'm so excited to be home!

4 other thoughts:

Janelle said...

Oh don't you just love summer? That's a cute lil house you got!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute house you got there girl. We just put earnest money down on a house ourselves. so, excited. I do believe I will go do some dancing now too. sounds like loads of fun.

Sarah McM said...

I love your house!!! It's super cute.

John and Caroline said...

cutest house! can't wait to see it in person!!