Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, July 23, 2009

strange dream

warning this is strange, sad but really strange!
okay we are in our present home but someone else is here with us. a mom figure, though i'm not sure it's my mom or the love of my life's mom but a mom never the less.
we get a big package on the front step with no return address
inside the box we find lost of things : a DVD, a box of Cheese-it's, a telephone not a cell phone a telephone cord and all, a letter, a blanket, and ...
this is the weird sad part
A BABY yeah a baby probably a few months old in this box
well naturally we take him out change his diaper, feed him, love him, play with him find him a crib.

after the initial shock of having a baby in a box on our door step sinks in we start to examine the context of the box
the letter though it doesn't have a signature expresses the desire for this baby to be taken care of he came from a home that was not loving, his parents were neglectful and selfish. the person who wrote the letter sent him to us to protect him and raise him with love.
we were thrilled with this concept at least I was but as a mother my heart went out to the true mother of this baby but we had no way of contacting them or knowing who this baby was
after a few days we found a phone number written on the inside of the telephone that was in the box, something about the number suggested it was from a neighbor of the home where the baby come from. i recognized the necessity to call but my own selfish desire didn't want to give this baby to the family that we had seen portrayed on the DVD that was in the box never the less i made a determination to call
i woke up before i called the number

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Mommy Madness said...

Yes, that was a strange dream, but maybe a sign of something to come (or something you want to come)? Not necessarily a baby in a box, though.