Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, October 18, 2009

let's just be honest

for weeks now this whole swine flu talk has been flying around town, a nephew had it a few weeks ago then it spread to his whole family, people are stressed, so worried, upset... then friends kids are being diagnosed. they are stressed, worried...

i tried (not very well i'm sure) to be sensitive, to reassure them it's just the flu no matter what it's called-lots of fluids and rest. please don't send them to school with a fever.

i've been sanitizing, washing, and sanitizing some more in my classroom. regardless i've been missing a handful of students all week. parents are shouting to close down school and i'm saying it wouldn't do any good. The flu is the flu it has to run it's course.

all that being said....

friday morning both of my children woke up with a funky, croup-like cough, No fever, i've been taking their temperatures 3 times a day... just to be sure. i've set up alternate plans for the week just in case

honestly it scares me... i believe everything that i've been telling family, friends, and parents but now that this silly germ is hanging outside my door i'm trying my best to not FREAK out

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Anonymous said...

Don't panic! I'm totally the same way. Trying to tell people to just be careful but when my kids start getting sick I really get worried. It's hard to not when your a mom. One of the lady's in our ward is in the emergancy room with her daughter today because she has the swine flu but then again another sister didn't even have to worry her kids had it and they were just sick and got right over it. I think it just depends and you know it's still the flu no matter what name the media decides to give it.