Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am a sucker for personality tests, for RS this week we took a test called BOLT

Four Personality Types:

Bottom line, get to the point, business first, fast decision maker, result oriented, needs to control the situation, on time exactly

Very analytical and detailed, speaks slowly and deliberately, takes thier time, early to everything, does not make mistakes

Tend to want to please others; won’t argue and hate conflict, quiet, slow to decide, often changes mind, wants protection and peace, social first them business
Will talk about the weather and be neighborly;

Like fun and excitement; are easily distracted, Fastest decision makers; assume highest risks – if it’s exciting, not into details, love recognition and excitement, more emotional, often late, social is important

and my results... i have a split personality!

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Alicia said...

A split personality??? No way it isn't possible *said in a voice dripping with sarcasm* Love ya girl!