Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, January 17, 2011


this evening for dinner we were going to have taco salad, well the presidents don't really care for taco salad, so being the nice mom that i am, i gave them the option of nachos, as is to be expected Gus was having an attitude moment, so when i asked her if she would like the cheese melted, first she ignored me, then finally rolled her eyes and said "sure"

a little fact about me that i've learned in the last few years is that i'm a yes or no person, "sure" just doesn't cut it, I like a YES, or a NO. so i asked her "yes or no?" again she said "sure", i asked again "yes or no", she again said "sure"

now i know full well that i needed to be the bigger person here and move on so i did and asked little miss attitude to give the blessing on the food.

her prayer
"Dear Heavenly Father, please help my mom to know the meaning of the word "sure" and please bless the food..."

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The Bateman Clan said...

Oh my are the teenage years going to be fun!!!
I think a demand for tummy pics are in order as well!
Hope you are well!

Mommy Madness said...