Family traditions

Family traditions

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

belly buttons

i'm sure that this miracle would have never crossed my mind if i hadn't just brought home a new baby. this morning MsTay's umbilical cord fell off. i cleaned her little belly button and pondered what a blessing belly buttons are. we all have one and it serves as a reminder to us of so much. it reminds us of our need for our mother and how we depend on her. it reminds us of sacrifice, and of love!
Belly buttons are amazing things. amazing in that 10 days ago it was though her belly button that MsTay relied for life. amazing that so quickly her body could change the way it received everything it needed to be sustained. amazing that her body knew just how to close the gap. i love how belly buttons twirl closed.
Belly buttons miracle # 1

2 other thoughts:

Mommy Madness said...

AWESOME insight!!

The Bateman Clan said...

Cute little buttons!

I have a confession though.... Belly buttons freak me out!!!