Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, June 14, 2012

fun in the sun

Wednesday June 6th~ we all packed ourselves and things in the car and headed out to Cali. we left when my love got off work so we hit the road about 4:30 in the afternoon. I knew this could be a challenge to keep everyone happy the whole way. So with a little help from pinterest  found some fun things to do to pass the time. of course we had the standards: pile of books, DVD player and coloring supplies. But to shake things up a little I bought a few fun toys ahead of time without the kids knowing: silly putty, new books, glow sticks, squishy balls, little travel games. Then every time we stopped for gas they got to pick a present to open. They seemed to enjoy it and it really didn't cost too much to keep them happy. We arrive in Red Bluff at about 3:00 am. and stayed at Motel 6. 

Day One~ we checked out of the hotel, and drove out to grandma's house. I love the ranch it reminds me of growing up on the goat farm. Endless possibilities for imaginations to run wild. goats, horses, fish, ducks, geese, peacocks, lizards, snakes, a creek, four wheelers... we played and got plenty dirty just hanging out with grandma.

Day Two~Swimming at the hotel, hanging out at grandmas, BBQ with friend. I didn't realize until now that I have no pictures from the BBQ so sad. We had a blast at the Rogerson's. Yummy food, good company and great laughs.

Day Three~This was probably our biggest busiest day. We went to Turtlebay for almost the whole day, took a break went to lunch at IN 'n' Out then back to Turtlebay for some more fun. Hopefully the post following this has a slide show of all the pictures from that day. That evening we went to dinner with my little brother and his beautiful family. Here's a few pictures of MsTay meeting here little cuz.

Day 4~Crazy day! Kiddos went swimming  and to the crayfish festival in Red Bluff, with grandma, aunt Jamie and their cousins. I dropped My Love off at the airport so he could fly home to go to work the next day.  Gus's favorite part was eating the crayfish. That evening we drove up to Redding to have dinner with family friends. I tried to choke on a piece of chicken but luckily survived.  

Day 5~Swimming, oh and Gus had discovered the yummy hot coco in the hotel lobby was even better with a little vanilla creamer in it. We packed up our stuff and checked out of the hotel and went to stay at Aunt Jamie's house. after we got all of our stuff to my sister's we went back out to the ranch for the afternoon. It was twice the fun because we brought cousins with us. 

Day 6~ by far one of the best days. We woke up hung out with aunt Jamie and the boys for awhile then set out for Redding did a few errands, then went to my chill at my BFF's house. It was so wonderful to sit and talk, reminisce, raid her bookshelf, enjoy our kiddos playing with each other. later that evening grandma took us to ROSS one of my favorite places to shop and to dinner at Denny's. That night I stayed up way too late talking to my little sis. GREAT VACATION!!

Day 7~ Breakfast at McD's with the family then on our way back to Idaho.
waiting to go to breakfast

still waiting

and waiting

let's go!

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