Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Laugh or Cry?

How many times have I uttered the words "Recess is not long enough"? I wouldn't even attempt to count nor should I, but rather I should wipe the phrase from my vocab. 
Imagine with me, if you will, the following scene.
It's a beautiful spring day. Lunch Recess is over. First and Second grade students are filing back into school with their teachers leading the way. Two very disgruntled recess duty teachers are up in arms because the kindergartners refuse to line up. Not just one or two stubborn kiddos but 42, five and six year-olds continue to play all over the playground. A few on the soccer field, a couple on the swings, several on the monkey bars, jungle gym, and slides. THEIR Recess is not over. Thinking that I can solve this problem I step out the door and yell for my class to line up, a few of them stop look at me, a couple even take a step or two but then change their minds and go right on playing. Wow, what persistence, and really what am I to do about this? The paraprofessional (aka Teachers Aide) from the other kindergarten class attempts the same strategy, for sure she would get results. No one blinks an eye. 
Not knowing what to do at this point I have to laugh how could they have possibly gotten all 42 of their peers to cooperate in this extended recess endeavor? Furthermore, how are they standing so strong in their cause? Okay time to out smart the little dears, this time as I yell out to the playground it is to one particular student
  "Emily, what were we going to do this afternoon? Oh yeah we're having a balloon party! I guess we'll just have to cancel."
That did it, all 21 of my little protesters came running in to class. The other class as if their leaders had fallen, or inspiration had ceased walked begrudgingly back to their own classroom.
What a great dream! So glad it was just a dream.

P.S. We really are having a balloon party in Kindergarten on Monday!! SO EXCITED!!

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