Family traditions

Family traditions

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Potty Taining is not unlike Childbirth

Last Sunday night we put the last diaper that we had on MsTay. She told her the diapers were all gone so she was going to have to be a big girl now and use the potty. Oh a little back story two days before I threw a little fit, told my love to buy some more diapers because I didn't have the patience to deal with potty training little miss because she does this not so cute thing of ignoring me. I didn't realized that a two year old could have such great selective hearing.  But after two days of changing diapers again I guess I build up my courage to get it done.
 So Monday No Diapers! For the most part it was a pretty good day. Tuesday even better. Wednesday Great!! Each of those days we went to lunch in the park and took about an hour drive and had no problems. Thursday and Friday were even better, we'd gotten over the uncertainty of the BM and she was doing super. Saturday was AWESOME! No accidents, 4 hours out of the house, great self control! I really thought we had this thing in the bag.
Sunday I was a little worried, mostly because she was going to be in nursery for two hours with out mom. But she did great, asked to use the potty a couple of times but never actually went. Baby steps right? Yesterday another good day. 
TODAY not so much, there was no success today, correction Gus said there was success after she wet her pants and then we put her on the potty. I guess I'm miss pessimistic, wet pants are wet pants! Grrrr! Tomorrow is a new day but I was very very tempted today to break down and re-diaper her.

So how you might ask is Potty Training like Childbirth?
 1. You forget between children how hard it really is
 2. Every child is different
 3. You can read every book, article, blog, etc about it and still feel completely unprepared
 4. It is inevitable, you can't just not do it, there is a point of no return
 5. Everyone wants to tell you "their" story
 6. The process is very messy
 7. Men really don't understand ( I love ya love!!)
 8. It's quite the emotional roller-coaster
 9. There is so much involved in such a "simple" process
10 Finally in the end it's all worth it!!

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