Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

is it too much to ask for a snow day!!

okay so this is my fifth year teaching in idaho. that is approximately 850 days of school of which at least 400 have been winter days. never the less i have only had the opportunity to enjoy a snow day ONCE!!! i guess i had a secret hope that these wonderful winters here in idaho would allow more snow days. though i'm not sure why i went to jr. high, high school and college in idaho as well and though i'm not sure how many snow days we had i did know it's not more than 5. so maybe living in a state with snow isn't the way to go. i should move to california, or arizona. they seem to have more snow days in places that has snow only 3 days a year. ironic yes. but it's cool maybe i'll take all my kindergartners out to build a snowman or 20!

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Janelle said...

california is the way to go. every time it even started to snow a little school was dismissed (with VERY few exceptions). Though i was usually the kid that had to stay the whole time anyways waiting for my mom to come pick me up :(