Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, January 13, 2008

open & honest

friendships come and go but there are a precious few that stand the test of time. my best friends and they know who they are have been here for me through thick and thin. though none of us are in the same stage of life but some how we manage to stay connected. recently there was quite a snag among us. tho whole premise for this hindrance in what most of the time is a pretty solid friendship came from lack of open and honest communication. i consider bluntness to be a super communication skill of course there should always be consideration for others feelings but the ability to be able to say what is on your mind to be open and honest is a quality i strive to have. unfortunately in this most recent incident i let my pride get the good of me and i didn't let the friend who hurt me know how i felt. and in the same incident she was not open and honest with me. so for two months we were both frustrated, me because i didn't understand why she was being so selfish and her because she knew she would be letting me down. both of these feeling by the way were twisted because neither of us knew the whole truth, until last night. it's not all better now but it's getting there. i know she is still hurt but i don't know how to fix it. never the less i'm grateful for this reminder that open and honest is the best way to go and hopefully thing amongst friends will grow and strengthen through this experience.

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Unknown said...

yeah... friends. I think that I'm a pretty blunt person, and I expect people to take it sometimes when they shouldn't. The things I can't stand in a "friend" are: being 1) condescended to 2) being lied to 3)being put down. Friendship really is about being yourself, and accepting others for exactly who they are, strengths and weaknesses included. I think back on harmony 306 just a little as I write this. :)