Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, March 6, 2008

analyze this

dreams always leave me in a stupor
take last night's episode for example

*i took little missy to the dentist or so i thought but turns out they couldn't do anything for her so they kicked me out. this is where i loose my kids i'm not sure where they went(at a later time they are at home so maybe my prince met me at the dentist's office to take them home, this has happened before) but i ended up in the lobby of the dental office or so i thought but as i looked around i realized i was in restaurant/bar something similar to apple bees or red robin but a little more classy. i was all alone but only for a while. soon i met four friends Shannon, Kyla, Bree and the forth i can't recall i've been trying all day. if you want me to i could describe their physical features. well we sat and chatted i think we ordered a plate of nachos it was great how they just took we in.
when we got up to leave they invited me to go up to their apartment, i told them not today but i would see them around i had to find my way home, i was sure my husband and kids were wondering where i was. so they went to an upstairs apartment and at one point i learned that the girls whose name i can't remember was struggling to make it. i'm not sure what that meant i think it was money but it's kind of a blur.
i walked outside into the street i knew i was in utah, but it looked like a street that one would see in CSI NY or law and order SUV. a run down street in new york where scary things happen. i walked along quickly wondering what i was going to do how i was going to get home. i saw a bus ahead but when i stopped to look inside i got the impression that it was actually some ones home. the driver asked if i wanted a ride i passed, truthfully the guy gave me the creeps so kept walking but the road was coming to an end i turned to the right through a small passage way i was out side of the city walking among trees there was high school foot ball practice to my right and hundreds of suburban homes stretched out in front of me. i stopped to ask someone how i would get to idaho. they told me to take the bus. as the bus passed behind me. that one i asked pointing the home on wheels i had passed by earlier. the family in front of me said yep that's the one it should be back in a few hours to take me to the airport or to catch a grey hound.
Thanks i said as i kept walking it looked a lot like rio rancho new mexico but i knew i was in utah and it wasn't until that moment that i remembered i have a best friend right here in this state i was sure not too far away who would come to help me. i found a mileage sign and flipped open my phone....

that's the end it was one of those that i wanted so bad to finish but it was no use the kids were awake and the rest well it's untold for now.

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