Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, March 8, 2008

and another one

this is getting a little weird to me most times i don't remember my dreams and definably not so vividly but here goes last nights episode

*the dream stared out with neil and i's wedding not our real wedding but we were getting married never the less. next it was niels little brothers turn. he just recently got engaged and they have set the date for june 7th i'm so super excited for them both. anyhow back to the dream we are at an outside wedding inside a big blue tarp (again this is so not the real thing) a close friend to the bride and groom is officiating. i didn't catch his name but he was tall with dark curly hair. and he was hilarious. he begins the ceremony in spanish explaining what he learned about marriage in 5th grade health lesson. the bride ended up on an exam table and the friend was saying something about he belly button unfortunately my spanish isn't that great even in my dreams and i was at a wedding so i didn't want to ask neil right then what he was saying. but everyone laughed and they moved on.
things went back to english stories of missions were shared, they gave a dance lesson, the bride shared some of their dating experiences. at one point i thought she was going to give the groom a root canal. the dream ended with the friend saying okay lets get to what we came here for...

that's it i can't wait for the reception!!! dreams are so fun. had i known weddings could be done like this i may have talked to neil a year ago to see what we could cook up. lol oh by the way hailey you looked beautiful!

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Unknown said...

Dreams are sooooo wierd. The other day I dreamed my husband lost his job because he ate his co-worker's lunch. I was so relieved to wake up and realize it wasn't true.. but it took me a few minutes after waking to realize it wasn't!