Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a little rattled

as you know last month my best friend here in idaho passed away. her son, africa is in kindergarten not in my class, for one major reason to him i am not a teacher i am his mom's best friend. it would almost be like teaching my own child. not an experience i want to encounter. lol! well since michelle's death things at school have been a little nutty for africa. and until now i never wanted him in my class. today I am close to asking his father to transfer him to my class for the last 6 weeks of school.
naturally when a mother passes away the child is a little out of it. and africa is not different, he's trying to figure stuff out. see what he can do and get away with. he father told me he's testing the waters, bring toys to school and lying at home. i firmly believe that at this point in time the strings need to be pulled tight not let loose. africa is a very bright child and will try anything.
today he tested the waters, long story short he ended up missing i about broke down. we found him and it wasn't his fault it was a lack of communication to the proper authorities and letting africa be in charge instead of the teacher.
i'm going to think about this a lot i know i'm glad he's fine. but right now i'm not

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Tara said...

Hey sweetie! Hang in there! My heart goes out to you and your friend's family as you all cope with the passing! I pray that you will all figure out the best for Africa and what needs to be done! Love ya girl!

Unknown said...

it's so hard to watch children struggle... he's lucky to have a friend like you to make sure he's OK. I'm very sorry about what happened to your friend.