Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


a few weeks ago someone suggested to us that we go and watch another kindergarten teacher who has been teaching our program for several years. we were excited it's always fun to watch other teachers borrow their techniques in discipline, transitions and songs. the only downer was that the principal was coming with us. so i wouldn't be able to run up and get the best Bavarian cream filled doughnut on the planet.
the road trip was yesterday these are the top ten things i learned

  1. kindergartners are the same every where
  2. My expectations for kindergartners are reasonable
  3. My expectations for parents need to be higher
  4. the phrase "take charge of your body"
  5. the names of 3 "naughty boys" those are their teachers words
  6. a few more sight words to teach my kindergartners
  7. 33 years in kindergarten can make an excellent teacher or a kinda cranky teacher
  8. what a blessing it is to have so many fantastic parapro's in our school district
  9. I am a great teacher!!!
  10. I love my students! I'm so glad i show that love everyday

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