Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, March 6, 2009

what does it take?

once upon a time people use to comment on my blog now no one does and i'm kind of sad.
am i not funny enough?
i told you not to expect much from me!
do i need to pour my heart out to you?
please tell me what it takes to get a comment?

5 other thoughts:

Janelle said...

Mystery! Scandal! Murder! Those would probably drum up some comments...and perhaps undue attention?

Alice said...

I think I will go with Scandal ;)

I am here I am here. I always read, but stink in the comments section. I too love comments so I will try to do better. Really.

Tara said...

I always read your blog posts, but rarely have time to comment, but I will try to from now on! I know it gets frustrating to not have your friends comment! I'll be better, I promise! ;)

Our Pease Pod said...

I have a hard time even posting on my own blog-I read yours and think it's hilarious. You get more comments than I do-I don't even expect them anymore.

Mommy Madness said...

I'm a bad friend... I just realized I didn't have your link in my Dashboard "Blogs that I'm following" list. (Like I said, BAD FRIEND!) Anyway, the problem has been corrected and I look forward to keeping up better. I will do my best to comment. I love comments, too!