Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, December 18, 2009

my own demon

i don't know a better way to describe it. i don't know why or when it's going to rear it's ugly head but it's been around lately even though i'd like to push it out in the snow. sad , tired, worthlessness, lonely, confused, frustrated, easily irritated, overwhelmed, undervalued, friendless, overworked, lazy, ugly, whiny, prideful, useless, sorry, mad.... it's a ugly i know i know!!!! and who do i talk to about this. i think i freak out my friends when i start to say these things and i'm sure that the love of my life has enough to worry about right now.
and even as i'm typing this i'm talking myself out of posting it.
i'm fine i really am! just give me a day or two and i'll be back to my happy self at least for a while.

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Mommy Madness said...

Send the kids to a friends house and take a nice bubble bath with the lights out and candles burning on the counter. Sometimes just a few minutes of "MOM TIME" helps. I go through these phases frequently, so don't feel bad about admitting it. We women have so many blasted hormones that just seem to take over whenever they please.

Anonymous said...

Well girl I do believe you and I are in the same situation. I pretty sure that my husband thinks I belong on the naughty list. I thought the holidays are suppose to be a vacation but sometimes around here because of all the family my husband thinks we have to visit they make me crazy. Hang in there because this too will pass.