Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bathroom troubles

This afternoon at 3:15 trying, with all my might, to keep 20 kindergartners actively engaged in the learning several of them decided they needed to use the rest room (side note these are 5 year olds who have only been in school for about 10 days) well they all start to shout out that they need to go to the bathroom, some of them with lovely descriptors that I'm not going to share but the best and worst was one little boy who I'm sure didn't even thing anything of it shouts out "Yeah, I have to take a *@%#!" WOW! that was unexpected needless to say he and I had a little talk. Luckily, I don't think anyone really "heard" what he said! I love my job!!

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Unknown said...

Do you have them in full-time kindergarten? I know some places here in Idaho are starting that :/ what do you think of full time/half time?

lol... the word verification for this post was "reessess" like, recess...
OK, maybe not all that funny.