Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy birthday shout out

today is my beautiful friend's birthday, all day long i kept thinking there is something i need to do today but it didn't come to me till it was too late....

 this is just a few reasons why i love ya

you let me call you by your first initial
  you are an amazing listener
you are super funny
you are very smart *don't feel dumb
you have a go getting, not afraid of a challenge attitude
you have a pretty sleek fashion
you showed me how cool it is to be a blogger
you are dependable
you cherish those close to you
 you always find the positive in every situation
you are willing to go the extra mile for a friend
even though we are far apart and we don't see each other often you remain an amazing friend 

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Janelle said...

Aw Denice! This is the sweetest, nicest, loveliest thing ever! You have always been a great friend and example to me. I wish we lived closer - do you have plans to go to Cali this year?! It's been far too long - we need to catch up. Love you mucho!!