Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, November 24, 2008

home sick

not me but little brother! we've got an appointment today to make sure it's nothing major i mean more major then what i think it is RSV! but that could turn to pneumonia or bronchitis. anyhow little brother is a joy to hang out with he relaxing and watching tv. he's a complete cuddle bug. however big sister is another story altogether she insists on sneaking around getting into things (jewelry boxes, candy jars, refrigerator,etc) well she finally found something to occupy her time she put on a yard sale in her room but now doesn't want to clean it up! we've got things flying around the room not the first time this week she's been throwing fits major, it's so frustrating, books flying, she's told me that she's asking santa for a new mom, punching, knocking over chairs.
so i've been doing my research trying to figure out how to be a better mom so this stops happening, turns out i'm doing what i should and it's normal for her to push buttons at this moment i'm sure if i asked my mom or grandmother they would tell me she need a good beating, however that doesn't really work with big sister! not that i'm a fan of beating my child.
so any suggestions!
just more hugs i guess!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Denice when Ayden does something like that I just take away whatever he won't clean up and tell him that if he's going to throw a fit that he's not going to get to do whatever it is he wants most. And you know it is that time of year you could always use Santa doesn't visit naughty kids. hehehe hope things get better. loves

the nice one said...

Ems, trust me i've tried that big sister has lost nearly every toy! she has at one point in time. i do hope things get better. in her defence i think she wasn't feeling too well either