Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

quite time

I've said many times that i think stay at home moms are amazing i mean i would love to have that privilege however i don't. anyhow one thing that i do believe strongly in is quiet time. a time during the day where children relax take a nap, read a book, play quietly. mostly for sanity purposes of the mother namely ME! well the babysitter doesn't have a quiet time so the weekends are a little difficult but regardless there is some quiet time on saturday and sunday. today there is no school and thus quiet time. i thought we'll do this early so there will be time to play later. plus the fact that my ninos are sick a little down time would be good for them. hmm yeah well that started at 12:30 it's not 3:45 and well it hasn't been to quiet or relaxing.
such is life i guess
somedays i wish someone would give me a quiet time and leave me alone.

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Anonymous said...

Oh girl I am so with you about Quite time. Ayden is suppose to have quite time while Peyton has nap time and today they both refused to do either and let me tell you mom is like over the edge for some quite time!!!! I think I just need a vacation from my life. And somedays I envy the fact that you go to work! I love to stay at home but I some time wonder if work would be a good escape. I hope someday though that you get to stay home with your guys. Hope they get feeling better soon too!