Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, November 30, 2008

thanksgiving top 10

10-no school!!

9- grandma and grandpa made their bi-annual stop here in idaho for thanksgiving!

8-healthy kids: not for thanksgiving but by the end of vacation they are breathing easy

7-better then sex cake: it came by request it's good to know i can make one yummy dessert

6-sleeping in i didn't get up before 7:30 for the last 5 days! yeah that's sleeping in

5-festival of trees: this is becoming an awesome family tradition we especially enjoy the talking Christmas tree

4-phase 10: and as always grandma tried to cheat!

3-making Christmas present: last year my sewing machines started making an awful noise i got it out to have my grandma look at it and no noise, thus i don't need a new one for Christmas so i might get diamond earrings.

2-cutting down a Christmas tree: saturday morning we climbed in the car drove up past idaho city and cut down trees for the families in boise

1-a hot date with my hubby: yummy fajitas

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