Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, December 14, 2008

no warm fuzzies!

so today was the first full day in our new ward. neil and i both received callings right before church. i'm going to be the miamaid advisor which should be fun since i can't seem to keep my mouth shut through a lesson now i can teach the lesson. and neil was called as the first counselor in the elders quorum. we both got set apart today and the spirit was defiantly present. but it didn't really feel like home. the bishop was very nice and i'm sure it will get better but i was hoping that people would be a little more friendly. and they were nice but well there were no warm fuzzies!

3 other thoughts:

Trina said...

You will be so good in young womens! You will end up loving your ward! Once everyone gets to know you, they can't help but love you. YOu are so awesome!

the nice one said...

well thanks trina i'm sure it will get better change is just a little difficult!

Unknown said...

They're all scared of each other. Well, not scared... just not sure where they fit in. Warm fuzzies will come.

Those are both pretty challenging callings. Good luck!!!