Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, December 20, 2008

too smart for her own good

big sister- mom i'm getting two computers for Christmas
mom- what makes you think that
big sister-well i asked two different Santa's so i'll get two
mom-there is only one Santa
big sister-no the one at the school, his beard kept falling down and he had a mustache underneath and the one at dell had a real beard

... well those are actually Santa's helpers so all the kids can get a chance to tell a Santa what they want.
Dad-then they tell the real Santa
big sister gives us both a very sceptical look

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Unknown said...

haha! Sorry. I'm laughing at you a lot today. For some reason I sort of forgot to perpetuate the santa claus myth in my family. It was not really an intentional thing... our kids just know that the presents come from each other and we never really thought of talking to them about reindeer and chimneys and such.

Sigh. I'm such a neglectful parent.

the nice one said...

well honestly that would be a lot easier. it's no fun on christmas when they are like well santa gave me a lot of thing mom. what did you give me?
yeah i wanted to tell her the truth right then
but alas...i do think this year santa is only going to be responsible for the stocking so i get a little more credit.
i'm kinda selfish

Unknown said...

lol! Me too. Very selfish. I don't even give santa credit for the stocking! It's meeeee, all meeeeeeeee...

OK I have to go to bed now.

Our Pease Pod said...

My sister and I were talking about the whole Santa thing too-it's not really fair when you have done all the early morning shopping and running around and then Santa gets all the credit. I think Stockings are enough. After Doug played Santa at the ward Christmas party our kids were very confused. Spencer afterwards asked the Santa at the mall if he was his Dad-awkward. I think that Santa was a little concerned.