Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, December 18, 2008

seeing santa

as a mother this is how our santa visits have been thus far

year one-big sister was about 36 hours old no tears
year two- big sister lots of tears
year three-big sister screaming, little brother worried looks
year four-big sister pouting, little brother crying
year five-both jumped on his lap with big smiles!!

3 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Alright we like that! I am hoping that it gets better every year. Peyton was pretty hesitant this year but Josh just plopped him on his lap and well it was alright after that. Ayden did really well when he was a baby too but the year after that he screamed. It's funny to see how they change.

Mommy Madness said...

Previously, my kids have screamed & cried every year... this year, Abby & Bree refused to sit on his lap, but insisted on keeping their eye on him nonstop. I decided that I'm going to let them make the decision when they will sit on his lap, instead of forcing it (I don't want to traumatize them any further), but I'll have to keep my camera handy for when the day comes. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Unknown said...

Hooray! Your girl is a december baby?