Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, January 29, 2009

class reunion

my ten year class reunion is quickly approaching but i'm in a bit of a pickle well i wouldn't be but a certain someone likes to muddle up the simplest of things.
somehow i got roped into helping with the class reunion, of the school that i attended but didn't graduate from, and by roped in i mean i kind of got asked and kind of volunteered. the dilemma is that a certain someone is also in that class and doesn't want to me to attend the reunion that i am helping to plan. blah blah blah
so tonight i get a phone call from that certain someone asking me to be mature about this whole thing and stop planning, and gathering addresses and that i'm officially uninvited!
so anyhow the immature side of me really wants to tell him not to be so STUPID!
i can't seem to find the mature side of me.
so i guess what i'm asking is, what do you think?

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The McCulloch's said...

Okay so I am going to give you my two cents. If you were asked (along with volunteered) to help, then you need to tell that certain someone, it is none of their business whether you attend or not. It sounds like that certain someone is the one who needs to grow up and be mature about it. They have no right to ask you not to attend. Now if it were their wedding, I could see that, but it is a reunion. Personally, I would tell them where they can put their "mature" request. ;P Love ya and be strong!

Sotutus said...

You ARE invited!!

Class of '99 Alum

Emily Hubbad said...

You should come no matter what.

Trina said...

You had better come!!! But I am a little confused...didn't you graduate with us???? I guess I am a little lost in all of this.

the nice one said...

miss trina i unfortuatly moved to california before graduation.

Sarah McM said...

My thoughts are not appropriate for the public to view. They involve lots of $%^&#@# looking words.

Go! Don't let any one idiot steal one more fun event or happy minute from you.

Tiffany said...

Go....i wouldn't let just one unhappy person keep me from seeing long lost friends. Enjoy!

Eric Halpenny said...

I would go. You have a large support system behind you, take advantage and go. You'll have fun seeing all of your friends again. There are people who really would like to see you again so don't let them down. Oh and thanks for the birthday blog it was so cool!!


Nona said...

I think you should go! :) And tell "that person" to go fly a kite (that is my nice version)!!! You desire to see everyone and visa versa! Go hold you head up high and have a good time!