Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, January 26, 2009


101 reasons steph should have a good birthday

  1. she can write in all caps
  2. she is a good roomie!
  3. she inspires others
  4. she speaks her mind
  5. she tries new things
  6. she is a good cook
  7. she makes great PB & J sandwiches
  8. she eat TWIX like a pro
  9. she listens to all my problems
  10. she's a good dancer
  11. she's funny
  12. she cares about others
  13. she teaches primary
  14. she's a great mom
  15. she's use to walk to the grocery store for groceries
  16. she's younger then me
  17. she's finally as old as me
  18. she opens her house to others
  19. she's a good wife
  20. she's a best friend
  21. she makes others feel good about themselves
  22. she enjoys a nap now and again
  23. she can make anyone smile
  24. she know how to say know
  25. she is fun on road trips
  26. she knows what real californians are like
  27. she has a cool elbow
  28. she has rad cars
  29. she is a morning person
  30. she has a pretty smile
  31. she is my friend even though she knows me
  32. she's easy to talk to
  33. she goes the distance
  34. she read her scriptures
  35. she understands when i freak out about "bees"
  36. she's photogenic
  37. she is patient
  38. she knows a lot about the human body
  39. she likes to clean peoples teeth
  40. she would make a great neighbor
  41. she keeps it cool
  42. she has a nice hair cut
  43. she inspires me to be a better mom
  44. she wants to learn to surf
  45. she use to own a "little" radio
  46. she has a pretty cool best friend
  47. her kids are soooo cute
  48. she knows who she is
  49. she loves pride and prodigious
  50. she's not afraid of anything
  51. she is a good listener
  52. she likes cherries
  53. she has great frosting ideas
  54. she only uses the good chocolate
  55. she stuffs her cakes in the middle with frosting
  56. she understands that i didn't quite have enough time to write all 101 things!!


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