Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, January 5, 2009

strange sounds

i woke up this morning with little bit of a headache and as i lay in bed deciding if i should get up and exercise or go back to sleep for 30 minutes i could have swore i hear i high pitch beeping sound. so i went to investigate. i could only hear it in my room which told me it's not in my head! which well never mind. but i knew i heard something. i laid back down for about 10 minutes till my husbands alarm went off. i asked "love can you hear that sound?" of course he couldn't so i was doubting my sanity. finally i walked outside around the car to my neighbors house and sure enough the fire alarm was going off. okay i'm not crazy but i am clumsy because as i walked back around the car to get inside i slipped in the ice and fell flat!


2 other thoughts:

Unknown said...

lol!! You are much more adventurous in the morning than I am.

Mommy Madness said...

OUCH! Not a fun way to start the day off.