Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, November 5, 2009

not too much?

so i think my funniness has been on vacation. i mean i'm still laughing at myself everyday but i just don't feel like my normal freak'n hilarious self. now don't feel bad or even worried. i'm sure it's just a phase.

so i'm trying to think of what could be causing my lack of humor and i've pretty much narrowed it down to this small list...

never mind i don't like that list i think i'll write a list of the things that might help ease my mind and help me relax

  1. a trip to the spa (i will probably settle for a self-pedicure by satin hands, thank you marykaye)
  2. a visit to the hot springs (a bubble bath would work i guess)
  3. a nanny , really just to fold laundry and pick up toys, i can handle the playing, story time, giggles, tickles, and games
  4. a chef, nothing fancy just someone to cook for me every night so i have more time to play with the presidents
  5. a maid, this would be so the nanny wouldn't have to do dishes
  6. a little elf to visit my classroom every night and put things away that i didn't quite get to, which is pretty much everything.
  7. a little elf whose good at organizing to visit my classroom regularly, so that when i need something in my classroom it's in a nice, neat, easy to find spot.
  8. a personal jet, this is not personal at all, completely selfless, i just want it so that when anyone is having a bad day i can hop in my jet fly to where they are give a hug, have some ice cream, chat for a few hours and still be home at a decent hour. -i told you it was selfless.
  9. a personal trainer (not really then i'd actually have to be accountable)
  10. a big bowl of ice cream which i would eat after my personal trainer walked out the door (hehe- accountable)
i'm not asking too much to bring a little more joy to the my readers

what do you think?

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Unknown said...

I'm imagining the tune to "santa baby" as I'm reading this..

remind me sometime to relate my hilarious encounter with a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness, the one of the three times I ever went inside that building in my life.