Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, November 9, 2009

mr. mom

I came home today after a super hard day at work to a clean house and then the love of my life made dinner. when i commented on how great it was he said he was just trying to get use to being unemployed (because in two week the place where he works is closing).
i said i think i could get use to this.
he said, "well we'll need to buy more hot dogs and buns if you want me to make dinner every night"
and i asked how many job applications he filled out today.

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Trina said...

You don't want hot dogs every night? What is wrong with you! :) I am sorry your husband is going to lose his job! That is rough! I hope you guys are going to be okay!

Mommy Madness said...

We went through the unemployment thing last December, so I understand. It was really nice to have Jess home to help, but hard since he's the breadwinner. I made him apply for anything and everything within commuting distance. I know the Lord will provide a way. I LOVE having this knowledge!

Jenny said...

That's too bad about your husband's work closing. I'm sure things will work out, but in the meantime it will sure be nice to have someone cook for you! I'd milk it while it lasts! And what your son said about taking a bubble shower is so cute. Kids say the funniest things. Our lives would be pretty dull without them to entertain us day and night!

Unknown said...


Don't forget frozen corn dogs. And chips and cheese. :)