Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

heart ache

today was an exceptionally hard day for big sister, she and i have been going rounds about lying and stealing. i make no excuses for my children, i don't believe in excuses. the things that happen to us in our lives are there to make us stronger not weak.

this morning big sister took money out of my purse to purchase a soda for herself and the paraprofessional that works in my classroom. it was nice to see she was sharing not so nice that that she took the money and then worse she LIED about it. telling me that she found it on the floor outside the office.
Now, i'm no detective but somethings mom's just know!
It was a long hard day for all of us and i'm super exhausted from the whole thing
But i am still puzzled as to what in a child's brain makes them think that lying will make it better? when i was young i remember making up stories so that i wouldn't get beat, literally, but the presidents don't get beat~ it wouldn't work if i tried, big sister is too stubborn to admit that it might hurt~ when they make a bad choice they loose something, a toy, a privilege, etc.
Big sister is "too smart for her own good". is that possible, i've heard that phrase, it seems so strange but maybe it's true

Tomorrow will be a better day!

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