Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, May 28, 2010

my little run-away

this afternoon big sister decided she was running away, she packed her backpack, got her little money jar, put on her helmet, got on her bike and started to ride away.
Now the love of my life really wanted to just take her bike and hide it but i thought it would be fun cleverly talk her out of leaving, so we started with questions like where she was going? how she was getting there? if she had a map?what she would eat when she got hungry? where she would sleep? these questions lasted for quite a while and her destinations went from boise, to utah, to grace, to california, to just around town. when she got tired of the questions and was leaving no matter what we said, i let her know that i would be calling the police to let them know she had run way. that was all it took for her to change her mind and come inside.

silly, silly girl!

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