Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, July 26, 2010

blog worthy moment

how often does your total cost of a purchase land on an exact dollar amount?

today we went shopping for school supplies, clothes, and groceries
first stop walmart-total 112.00
second stop JC Penny-total 13.00
third and forth not so lucky
fifth stop target-51.00
sixth stop again no such luck

50% of my purchases today were an exact dollar amount!

the love of my life says this is defiantly a "blog worthy moment' so there it is!

4 other thoughts:

Tonya said...

I think that is awesome!! Hope you are doing well!

Tara said...

Way to find neat things that make you happy or amused! :) You're too cute!! And you are right, it doesn't happen very often, let alone 3 times in 1 day!!!

Alice said...

Sweet! I swear that never happens, can't believe you got it all in one day. :)

Mommy Madness said...

Funny. I can only think of a handful of times that's happened to me, ever. (Whenever something funny or weird happens, Jess always asks if I'm going to blog about it, too... especially if it's something he says or does. Sometimes I'm not even thinking that way, but of course I have to after he triggers the thought.)