Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, July 15, 2010

new post catch up

i am amazed at the fact that in the summer i have no time to update by blog, but i guess when these things happen i get a little distracted

it's light longer, the sun is shining, lunch in the park, planting and protecting my garden, swimming lessons, swim team, summer reading program, the a vole war raging in my backyard, we traveled to see family in SD, little brothers 5th birthday, play dates, the love of my life decided to have a run in with the lawn mower which resulted in an ER visit and 15 stitches, i'd like to say that i'm sleeping in everyday but i'm not, however i'm proud to say that i am getting up early several days a week to go walking. i've been reading for the last 2 weeks a series called "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" a visit from family. i want to go to california so bad it's driving me crazy, working hard to help big sister with her angry moments, keeping up with little brother, picking cherries & strawberries, making freezer jam, trying really hard not to think about the first day of school...

well, that about sums it up... anyhow i'll try to be better about updating my blog but i make no promises!

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