Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


apology in advance, this is a whining post

I love my thankless job

-making breakfast-washing laundry
-picking up toys, cloths, blankets
-washing dishes
-scrubbing toilets
-sorting "junk"
-taking kiddos on field trips
-packing fun lunches
-being a chauffeur
-making lunch
-mowing the lawn
-reading stories
-folding laundry
-taking out the trash
-cooking dinner
-tucking in
-getting classes of water
-giving hugs
-getting band-aids
-fixing broken toys
-taking family to the movies
-cuddling at super sad moments (even if i'm being told that i'm hated at those moments)
-taking kiddos swimming
-arranging play dates
-being quick to forgive even after being hit in the face by a flying YO-YO

I could go on but i think it's out of my system now, i really am grateful for this job! i'll try not to complain again soon

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Mommy Madness said...

That really didn't seem like a complaint since you were saying that you were grateful for all of those things. I had a day like I'm sure you did, too. Happens all the time in fact. I guess we have to have frustrating days so that we can appreciate the good days so much more efficiently.