Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i got beat up

it's true, well kinda
last night about 2:00 am I was walking through a school parking lot and passes four teenage boys, all standing outside their car, i kept walking though i had a nagging feeling something bad was going to happen, I knew these boys by the way i've taught two of them and the other two i've taught their little sisters. so i got to my car and they started to yell my name, then ran at me.
They were yelling, swinging a bat, one of them had a crowbar. I tried to get in my car and shut the door but they got to me too fast, i don't remember the details of the fight, other then i text 911, which was weird, then i called 911, they kept beating me. i was fighting back but who am i kidding i'm no match for four teenage boys ( i learned that when i came home from college and my little brother picked me up and carried me in the house.)
anyhow long story short we ended up at the police station, 3 of the boys got away one did not and i was too frazzled to remember the others names. I felt fine until I looked in the mirror and saw my MESSED-UP face, i also had several bruises all over, my left foot was the worst, i can't believe i could walk with it as bad as it was.
anyhow, by 4am i was whole again other then the undaunting thought of four teenage boys actually beating me up in a school parking lot. saddest part- i don't even have any bruises to prove my story

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Mommy Madness said...

I HATE those kinds of dreams... that's what it was, right?

the nice one said...

yeah it was a dream

Eric Halpenny said...


Unknown said...

whoa. That dream was crazy. I was reading your post thinking, what? Really????

The Bateman Clan said...

I am going to beat you up! j/k ! You scared me lady!!!!! grrr... You have some pretty frightening dreams! I have been having some dozzies myself lately too.