Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, August 21, 2010

must read

my cousin posted this classified that she found on facebook, I'm so baffled by it I really don't know what to think

hello,my name is Benita Coffey and i am 24 yrs old.i am looking for a loving home for my baby boy.he is 3 months old and a quite guy for every body's liking.i am giving him out because i can't afford to take very good care of him and for the love i have for him,i have decided to get him a loving home where he will be spoiled with love and care.i will like a loving and caring couple of different sex or same sex. thanks

this is the link

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Mommy Madness said...

WOW!! It's crazy what some people post online. Doesn't she know about adoption agencies?! I wonder how many responses she's gotten.