Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, November 12, 2007


somedays i just want to write nothing on here nothing nothing nothing just to say i've done it. perhaps this will pass i just finished reading an amazing book called the wednesdays letters. i cried, i laughed, it was awesome.

I just lost a student. this is when i know i'm at my end when i start loosing kids!! but not really i've been doing this since i started. i guess i just put too much trust in them and their parents not to enable them. i set a high standard for the parents of the students in my classes. i expect them to teach them to tie their shoes. i expect them to help them with what i cannot do in the three hours that i see them in the day. yes i expect too much i know but well it's my job i'm a teacher!!!
i cry i laugh i'm awesome!
P.S. I found the student!! yeah me!

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