Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Day after yesterday The Day before tomorrow!!!

Today is the Day that if my mothers is being an over achiever she is shopping for Halloween clearance to send to me for my birthday. Today is the Day that half of my class is out because their parents gave them too much candy and now they are sick. Today is the Day that the rest of my class has Candy Hangovers. Today is the Day i fought with my children about how much candy they can eat. Today is the Day i changed my class calendar. Today is the Day i live life to the fullest. Today is the Day i try not to get a sugar high. Today is the Day i revisit the year. Today is my last Day of 26 the best year so far!! By Far!!

The day after halloween hasta be one of my favorites of the whole year! this is a day that is to be continued!!! Enjoy!

2 other thoughts:

Neil Christiansen said...

Today is the best day because I have you..... and candy.. hehe

Unknown said...

Today I am indulging in mini-twix even though I just made chocolate cookies, candy apples and a pb&j.

Bring on those last ten pregnancy pounds.