Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, November 18, 2007

the woman that makes you say WOW!

i started to write this list of things that keep me as a mother sane then decided this could be good for me (and you) as a woman as well!!

1. she's got it together! i'm not saying that she's always put together but she's comfortable in herself and appearance not like sloppy comfy but that she's put together not matter if her hair is perfect or pulled back in a sloppy bun. some days you might see her in high heels but she looks just as good in flip flops or sneakers. i love the dinosaur shirt but couldn't find that pic.

2. she can capture a room! again not with her stunning looks though they come in handy at times but with her presence, her spirit, her laugh, her smile.

3. she can juggle! not necessarily oranges or tennis balls but throw anything else at her and she'll keep it in the air, her profession, her significant other, her children(if applicable), her neighbors, her church responsibilities, dinner, laundry, oil change, go ahead throw something else at her i dare ya

4. she knows what's going on! she's connected to the outside world. there is not enough time in the day for her to breath but she's informed at least to some degree about current events, her sports teams, politics, and the latest gossip

5. she knows how to act clueless! face it ladies no matter how badly we wish sometimes that we had no idea whats going on for the most part it's just a front either to keep us from getting in trouble or having to juggle one more thing

6. she takes time for herself! someway somehow she finds a minute in the day just for her. book club, power nap, extra long shower, quick trip to the store for milk (this is my latest addition, i love it), a short run around the block something anything it's very very very important!!!!

7.she doesn't sweat the small stuff! we've heard this before but it's worth repeating, the baby uses all your makeup.... in the heat of the moment this could get ugly but go grab the camera admire how cute she really is even when she's pushing your buttons and put the lipstick a little higher

8. she could add 100 things to this list!! well i'm needed elsewhere but please add to my list i know there is so much more.....

3 other thoughts:

Jordan and Barbara said...

Sure wish I could be that woman. You have been tagged. Read my blog for the rules.

Neil Christiansen said...

I just happy to help with #6.

John and Caroline said...

Maybe you should write a book! Let's try to be WOW women for a goal in book club :)