Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, November 5, 2007

Take the hour and shove it!!

okay so all my life i've enjoyed day light savings time. a lot of people find it worthless and in the spring it's not as much fun but the fall is great an extra hour of sleep you get to leave for work when it's light again at least for a little while. truly i've always thought it kind of cool but after this weekend i'm contemplating moving to Hawaii or Arizona!! now that i'm a parent of two amazing kids who have yet to figure out sleeping in is a good thing i wonder what is so great about this saving time junk. yesterday when i was woken at 6am i thought be pacient this will pass. but this morning at 5am i really wanted to take the hour that i've gained and throw it out the window! such is life and all is well i'm sure i'll make it up some time probably around April and then there will be someone to take it away!

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Jordan and Barbara said...

Listen here doll face. I cannot change the time just as you cannot change the English language. So sorry.